Introducing Eurothereum!
An astonishing Digital Token that always is worth 1 Euro.

With Eurothereum you can rest assured that your tokens always will be backed by an equal amount of Euros in the bank...No volatility.


The Eurothereum Wallet

The Eurothereum Wallet is designed to help you manage and store your Eurothereum in an easy, secure and beautiful way.

Compared to the webwallet which is accessed through a browswer, the Eurothereum Wallet is installed on your device, where only you can access it.


Download Eurothereum Wallet

It all begins here.

The Eurothereum Wallet is available for the biggest mobile and computer platforms. You can download the wallet version of your choice by clicking the buttons below.


Everything you need in one wallet

With the Eurothereum wallet you will be in full control over your Eurothereum.

  • Fully responsive

    Eurothereum comes with fully documented HTML, SASS, JS, PHP code, all in a well organized and structured way.

  • Lightning speed

    The wallet is ultra fast, with transactions showing instantly.

  • Easy setup

    The wallet is extremely easy to setup. Just donwload and install, and you are ready to go.

  • Crisp design

    We have built the wallet with modern design for ease of mind. The functinality is minimalistic making it easy to operate.

  • Free Updates

    You'll get lifetime free updates as we improve or add new features.

  • Premium Support

    In case you need it, We got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service.